The Key of Immeasurable Worth


Resembling an iron rod with dozens of complex prongs and spirals, the key could unlock any door.

In crunch, this means that any door, portal, seal and entrance would automatically open upon command. A powerful but seemingly utilitarian ability, this meant that the wielder could never be barred, banished or imprisoned.

Planar tyrants like the god Hextor had particular interest in possessing the device to aid in ruling the multiverse.


It was said that the key was built by maniacal devils that had been banished to a prison demiplane. After eons, and in a stroke of unmatched craftiness, they made the device, which is actually a rod and not a true key to any door. With it they burst forth from their prison and were able to enter Mount Celestia with utterly no contest. They found their orignal captors and destroyed them.

Blix and Javier were originally commissioned by a mysterious emissary name Lark to find the key in the Shadow Realm. Once they realized that the man worked for Hextor they successfully reclaimed it from the Chaos God’s legions.

The PCs gave the key back to the powers at Mount Celestia, who then in turn cast it into the demiplane from which it was constructed, with the hopes that it could never be found again.

The Key of Immeasurable Worth

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