The Raven Claw Amulet


An amulet of a raven clutching a blue gem. The wearer of this amulet was immune to death, meaning the wearer could not die due to injury, spell, and natural cause.

In game terms, the wearer’s hit points could not go below 0, and could not fail any save or die effects.

A legendary artifact in power and purpose, the PCs never actually got to use it in battle.


Controversy followed the amulet since its inception. It never really gained any notoriety as its very existence had always been shrouded in secrecy.

Forged by a forgotten god or demon, the artifact plagued the Grim Entity known as Death, who had sought to claim it for an undetermined amount of time. The Raven amulet defied Fate, and Death deemed it too dangerous to let it fall into anyone’s hands.

Death personally appeared to Blix in the wilderness, and beckoned with a hoary cry that the mercenary would seek the amulet.

The mercenary found the amulet below the sewers of Masklynn where it was accompanied by a amnesiac sentient skeleton who mumbled bizarre arcana. Later the PCs would discover that Delum had been sealed away in the sewer prison for an age, where imprisonment was the only was to stop the Runelich because he possessed the amulet. The skeleton’s mind had long since withered and gave no regard to losing it.

The Grim Entity would then take the amulet back to the void, where it would rest only temporarily until it was stolen once again by the Runelich Delum after he rose again to dark power.

The Raven Claw Amulet

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