Beowulf Briartusk

Denizen of the Wild

Beowulf Briartusk. A ranger from the wilds near Baron.

Beowulf was summoned by Javier to join his journey beneath Masklynn. Beowulf spent years as an honorable defender of the wild, and it is by this prestige that Javier had heard of him.


Beowulf brandished a bastard sword in one hand and bear claw gauntlet in the other, dual wielding his way through many skirmishes. He bore the skins of beasts and a warm winter’s cloak.

Allies & Affiliations




Though a helpful ally, Beowulf met his untimely end in the battle against a Devil Magistrate.

It is said that on that evening, numerous woodland animals somberly visited the city as if to pay their respects.

Javier deduced that it was Beowulf’s forest spirit that slowed down Delum’s army as it traversed the eastern woods before it could entirely decimate Baron.

Character Stats

Beowulf was a dual wielding ranger. When he died, Keegan made Drake to take over.

Beowulf Briartusk

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