Sorcerer of the Storm, Disciple of Dragons

Drake Azuremark. A man who’s heart bore a thunderous rage. From an early age, Drake felt an electric passion surging within him. In sky’s edge and in the gale of the hurricane he found his peace. He grew to recognize that his body shared the soul of a blue dragon, which he would cultivate and become a true arcane paragon in the realm.

As an orphan, the hard knocks of a street urchin’s life gave him an aggressive edge. In adolescence, he learned he could conjure lightning to eliminate his oppressors. This often caught him legal trouble, and eventually he was cast off as an exile.

The Sorcerer needed knowledge and arcane items to develop power, which led him to an alliance with Blix and Javier due to a shared interest in exploring the Tower of Boccob.

Drake adopted a fledgling dragon which eventually grew mighty due to voltaic empowerment. Ancestry merged with magic, and Drake was finally able to combine souls with the familiar, and wreak havoc in the form of a Great Wyrm.


Brooding, yet impressively charismatic, Drake could incite men with the very electricity that rumbled within himself. He had long black hair that flapped violently during the conjured storm. He bore a long street coat with typical Commonwealth pattern, yet the ends were inevitably scorched and frayed. His arms were eventually protected by the pristine CHROMATIC GAUNTLETS, legendary devices that transmuted his lightning to whatever energy type he desired (such alteration made necessary when battling electricity-resistant foes).

During the peak of his search for items of magical power, Drake discovered the location of the legendary RING OF THE JADE SCORPION, which heightened his innate sorcery to an unmatched ferocity. Eventually his mastery over the storm was so prevalent, he took to the air indefinitely, and was rarely seen in any earthbound capacity.

Allies & Affiliations

Javier empathized with the Sorcerer’s struggle, and for that, he revered the elf. Devoid of any structure or role models throughout his life, Drake regarded no other being with higher esteem, for in the Bladesinger he saw an integrity never previously witnessed.

Blix provided much needed defense against the front lines of enemy hordes. Drake valued his strength but also his perspective on psionics.

Drake had a tenuous relationship with The Lone Wolf, whose ambivalence to the world’s plights he viewed as inexcusable. Many years after The Great Disjunction, a wizened Drake reluctantly killed the Rogue in order to protect the peace of his people.

Drake was among the Disjunctioners and helped kill Atma Eternum.



Character Stats

Blix was a Psion (metabolist) and Fighter multiclass. His particular psion build utilized Strength as its primary ability score, which got ridiculous when coupled with a warrior class. His psionic powers and physical attacks were equally brutal.

Blix wielded a homebrew ‘double greatsword’, which he could break apart for style and then dual wield a la the Monkey Grip feat. He would command the weapon to return to him, like the stone guy on Ninja Scroll.

He was broken and caused a massive power creep among PCs and NPCs alike.


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