Glamgil Er-Etraides

The elven archmage was already a paragon scholar by the time Javier and Blix showed up at his doorstep in Masklynn. The mercenary and bladesinger would often seek his council which he was happy to offer, and once Delum had began to personally threat Glamgil, he intervened directly by leading the task force that orchestrated The Great Disjunction.


A wizened elf with magical bifocals and long hair, Glamgil enjoyed long hours of study and conversation with the realm’s brightest minds. Cold and ambivalent to those he deemed ignorant and petty, the elf was actually loyal to those in his circle.

Allies & Associations

Glamgil’s son (name forgotten) went on to be the Chronomancer, a primary antagonist of the team of heroes who protected “Carnage, the Worldslayer” in the other campaign, which occurred a thousand years after these events.

The Archmage’s magic was a seed of scholarly abjuration that resembled the ethereal weave of Delum‘s Runemagic. Such abjuration knowledge had been scarcely taught since Glamgil’s adolescence (over 400 years ago) and thus in was of great fortune that he could detect this similarity. This enabled him to understand the magnitude and nature that The Great Disjunction needed to be.


Glamgil amassed a lot of wealth and favor over his many years. His principle study was in Masklynn, (where Javier met him), probably because it was located near shady associates from the Darklands, the likes of which he abandoned after growing increasingly conscious of the world’s plight. The home there was a mere apartment in the higher-end district; real estate prices were heightened due to corruption, and thus even the eminent scholar had to conduct his work with a leaky roof and fear of break-ins.

He would then go on to construct a sprawling mansion in the glades near Pandora, where he sought refuge from the calamities that he no longer had the stomach for.

Some secrets of the Disjunction had been passed to his son who would then use them to alter time itself and become a Chronomancer. Hence, his son was able to shape time to his will, and twist it to wrought misery upon the realms.


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