Elven Bladesinger, Master of the Sword and Spell

Javier Thornblade. An elf practitioner of the forgotten art of bladesong. This quick skirmisher was renowned for his pinpoint accuracy and arsenal of arcane melee. His adventures took him from exposing assassins and corrupt politicians in Masklynn all the way to Hextor, the God of Chaos’ doorstop, where he reclaimed a key to the multiverse that could open any dimension (The Key of Immeasurable Worth). His crowning achievements probably include the acquisition of the archmage Tower of Boccob, and the Great Disjunction—all in pursuit of stopping the runelich Delum.


Average height and dark hair, Javier is a high elf with ancestry to house Teu-Tel’Quessir. Bladesong style made it necessary that he always carry the quickest rapier he could find. His loose and flowing attire also brimmed with runes, suggesting his arcane prowess.

Allies & Affiliations

Blix is his closest known ally. They varied wildly in philosophies, but they shared common interest in securing power in the realm, and making sure the scales didn’t tip to heavily in the favor of tyrants.

Drake shared a passion for the arcane. After the sorcerer finally died of old age, Javier continued to mix ideas with him in communion in the Astral Plane.

Glamgil was a trusted elven friend. His expertise in scholarly wizardry was crucial to destroying Delum and other enemies.

Javier was among the Disjunctioners and helped kill Atma Eternum.

The Runemages at the Tower of Boccob hated Javier, which makes it ironic that the elf eventually became the sole owner and inhabitant of the tower after being awarded it by the gods. It is rumored that the elf dwelt in this tower pursuing its infinite knowledge for over six hundred years.


Javier Thornblade fell into obscurity soon after the events of Atma Eternum. It is said that he warded his tower home from ever being found, and from there, he studied all mysteries of magic. On his deathbed centuries later, the wizard Glamgil claimed that Javier had been offered a low rank among the elven pantheon. It is unknown whether these claims are true.

Character Stats

Javier’s class was a homebrew alter of the bard class (as no bladesong style was available in the 3.0 days). Bardic music was swapped out for a wider access to Wizard spells, and everything else was pretty much figured out as we went along.

The character had a ridiculously high dexterity and AC, for which he practically came to be known by.


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