The gnome mayor of the town of Masklynn, tenuous ally, and political scandal maker. He was a stout, beardless fellow that piloted a hulking doll golem named Calibretto.

Gilby cared about power, and had no problem with making sketchy deals with amoral people to secure it. Thus, when his position and his life were first threatened by the Greycloaks, he made a secret deal with Razeal Le Shardu to exterminate all of the assassins. Thus, Blix made his way to the town to clear the board in order to insure another Gilby victory.

A former gnome tinkerer who made a fortune from applied steam technologies sold to the kingdom of Pandora, Gilby started his political journey innocently enough. He soon learned that a fell shadow covered the lands that he ruled, and maintaining power was a matter of cruel and cunning negotiations.

When Delum marched through the Darklands to destroy the world, he stopped in Masklynn to offer Gilby mercy in return for his eternal loyalty. The mayor agreed, but in the his moment to swear oath, he detonated a series of explosives that leveled part of the town. He either escaped into obscurity, or most likely, was scorched to pieces in the blast.


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