Mercenary of the Awakened Mind

Blix. The realm’s foremost Psychometabolist. His story begins as a headstrong mercenary with a psionic gift that gives him an edge over his many enemies. The tale drifts into legend as a becomes a Master Psionic that crafts worlds and secures his place as a thane of the Planes. Blix brought unprecedented ingenuity to the battlefield. He recognized his own body as the greatest weapon, and thus honed it to a perfect union with his awakened mind, bending and blasting reality to his whim. At the height of his power, he could never die as he engineered an endless supply of clones on his personal Astral demiplane.

At his peak of defiance against the oppressive mages of the world, Blix empowered himself with immunity against Antimagic. Thus, his powers could never be suppressed, and this bestowal served him well during the wake of the Great Disjunction when the world’s magic was completely nullified.

Though renowned as a matchless warrior, his history is a complete enigma. A “psionic gift” gets its start through wild manifestations that are disciplined through tutelage, yet the man has no record of lord or master.


A hulking brute in peak physical condition, Blix brandished twin oversized swords which he could fuse together and hurl at opponents. He bore a Silver Mask and psionically bastioned bracers that stopped axe and blade. His body pulsated with shifting psionic-skin that granted him further power. Near the peak of his power, Blix gained master of flight and dimensional shifting, and would be often seen soaring through the air and hurling the massive greatswords at opponents.

Allies & Affiliations

Javier is his closest known ally. The elf understood the many complexities of arcana and dimensions that would beset the two in their adventures. Blix learned early that some doors could not merely be bashed down, but had to be magically studied.

Drake shared Blix’s destructive inhibition and the two enjoyed leaving a wake of crumbled buildings after a good battle. Blix enjoyed the company of another human after the elf’s sobriety grew tiresome.

Death himself propositioned the mercenary to seek out The Raven Claw Amulet, an artifact that this Grim Entity needed to retrieve to set fate back in order.

Mayor Gilby learned to like the mercenary’s knack for cleaning up his town, and thus paid great respect to him.

Blix was among the Disjunctioners and helped kill Atma Eternum.

Blix personally oversaw Percival’s military training and served as a mentor after the death of Tennah.

Blix had one of the longest list of enemies among mortals. Many guilds and tyrants grew to hate him, and thus Blix learned to keep backup bodies as assassination and death were always around the corner.


Blix had barely began to enjoy life as a lord of an Astral demi-plane when Atma Eternum suddenly threatened the cosmos. During the climax of the battle with this Time Phane, Blix inadvertently linked minds with the creature and glimpsed an infinite array of his life’s futures. During these nanoseconds, the Master Psionic saw his every possible future timeline based on the innumerable variables that laid before him. This killed his mortal body, but he again awoke as one of his clones in his home Plane.

He was never the same after this event. Some of his friends noticed a withdrawal, and a tempering of his previously reckless demeanor. Javier claimed that at some point years later, Blix had confided that he had seen himself become a million tyrants. The mercenary lived out the rest of his days rather quietly, never to succumb to tyranny.

Though his mortal body grew old and died, his soul invariably returned to his Astral home. Planar records suggest he continued his adventures, but there is no indication that he ever returned to the Prime Material Plane.

Character Stats

Blix was a Psion (metabolist) and Fighter multiclass. His particular psion build utilized Strength as its primary ability score, which got ridiculous when coupled with a warrior class. His psionic powers and physical attacks were equally brutal.

Blix wielded a homebrew ‘double greatsword’, which he could break apart for style and then dual wield a la the Monkey Grip feat. He would command the weapon to return to him, like the stone guy on Ninja Scroll.

He was broken and caused a massive power creep among PCs and NPCs alike.


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