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The Campaign

Year 1042

A land where darkness receives little contestation—Gallowmere—a rambling collection of mostly farmlands that were once brimming with cheery revelry. For a century, it grew much quieter, hinting at a subtle corruption brought upon by their borderlands, unabashedly called The Darklands. As morals and honor grew more scarce, men could only look to more unsavory sources to gain employment. The grassy hamlets and cobbled villages had taken a turn for the worse; they were shadows of the amber resplendence of a bygone era.

Enter the Mercenaries

A brute who called himself Blix began to stir the otherwise secretive shadows of Gallowmere as he one day began knocking down doors of pubs, forcefully seeking any and all leads
to an assassin’s guild known as The Greycloaks. Blix was a mercenary who had been commissioned by Prince Raziel LeShardue to exterminate the assassins. For the psionically gifted mercenary, gold was a good enough reason to agree upon such suicidal terms.

An elven bladesinger named Javier took notice of Blix’s brutalities and aligned with him when learning of who had sent him. Javier, who had himself been investigating the encroaching darkness of Gallowmere, was a friend of the prince and thus sought favor.

Main Page

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